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Cámara con resorte is an uncommon Assault Rifle mod that increases Cadencia de fuego while aiming for a brief time upon reloading.


Rango Fire Rate Duración Coste
0 +12.5% 1.5s 2
1 +25% 3s 3
2 +37.5% 4.5s 4
3 +50% 6s 5
4 +62.5% 7.5s 6
5 +75% 9s 7


  • If activated, Spring-Loaded Chamber will display an icon timer beside the player's health UI, and the Warframe will be briefly surrounded by a flashing energy ribbon.
  • The Fire Rate bonus is granted upon the beginning of the reload animation.


  • When the mod is equipped on at least one primary weapon, changing primary weapons will cause the mod's flash effect to go off while in the arsenal.

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