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Parry improves the chance to trigger a counterattack prompt on enemies in melee when blocking while channeling.


Rank Effect Cost
0 +16% 2
1 +32% 3
2 +48% 4
3 +64% 5
4 +80% 6
5 +96% 7


  • Combined with a high rank Reflex Guard, Parry will allow you to automatically stagger melee enemies, but only if you are channeling at the moment of the parry.
  • Radial Disarm will remove any ranged weapons from enemies, making this strategy effective against all enemies except Ospreys.
  • Special attacks will not be parried successfully, although they will be blocked. A Grineer Scorpion's grappling hook and any heavy unit's Seismic Shockwave knockdown attack will be blocked but not cause a Parry. A Shield Lancer's shield bash cannot be parried, and will push you back a short distance, but will NOT knock you down since you were blocking.


Version History

  • Added in Actualización 10.0. During Melee 1.0, it granted a chance to knock down a melee attacker while blocking.
  • As of Actualización 13.0, the Parry mod will only work if one is channeling while blocking against melee attacks. When successful, a counterattack will be initiated, which momentarily stuns an enemy and allows them to be killed using a melee attack prompt similar to Stealth Attacks.
  • In Actualización 17.0, the counterattack maneuver can be performed by anyone who activates channeling immediately before blocking an attack, reducing the necessity of this mod for melee-oriented players.

Patch History


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