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Baile de balas es un mod de guardia para armas de fuego.

Can be equipped on:

✓ denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity


Combo Name Button Combination
Samba Slash E200%EEE
Magnum Mambo* E200%  Pause EEEE
Lead Tango* E200%RMB +EEEEE
Automatic Rhumba* E200%Downarrow +E250%E250%E300%E75%E
Spinning Uppercut Hold E , Release
Fast Draw Slide + E
Outlaw Rush In Air + E
Vendetta Wall Dash + E
Last Words Knockdowned Enemy + E1600%
Normal    All Targets   Slam/Ragdoll   Proc
  • PS4:     E  = Combops4circle   RMB  = R2
  • XBOX:  E  = B    RMB  = RTrigger


  • The first attack in every combo is a shot.
  • Both Samba Slash and Automatic Rhumba consist entirely of firing the gunblade.


  • To perform Samba Slash, quickly double tap the melee button before performing the rest of the combo.
    • Samba Slash features two rolls on the 3rd & 4th shots, try to line up the reticle to account for this.
  • The pause to execute Magnum Mambo is very quick, the pause to drop the combo is as well.
  • Shots fired from the combos, especially Magnum Mambo and Automatic Rhumba, will increase the combo counter based on the number of enemies hit.
  • Lead Tango can currently only be performed by holding the block button only for the duration of the second attack. This is presumed to be a bug as all other combos with block inputs can be performed simply by holding down block and pressing melee in succession.

Patch History

Revisión 19.5.7
  • Fixed Bullet Dance not showing up in the Codex properly.

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