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Avispa ardiente es un mod de guardia para látigos. It is a specialized Stance that trades speed for range, its focused lashing attacks being able to hit targets from deceptively long ranges. The style of the stance utilizes a more flowing combo as opposed to Coiling Viper's slithering, coiling style.

Can be equipped on:

✓ denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity


Move Button Combination
Buzzing Sting EEE
Sparking Torture EE  Pause E200%E200%2x
Guided Claw E  Hold E200%E
Rolling Thunder Hold E
Spiral Cut Slide + E
Mountain's Chisel In Air + E
Weightless Steel Wallrun + E
Resounding Fear Aiming at Downed Enemy + E
    = Normal       = All Targets       = Slam       = Proc
  • PS4 Players E  = O
  • Xbox Players E  = B


  • Rolling Thunder can only be performed either immediately following the first two attacks of Buzzing Sting/Sparking Torture, or immediately following another Rolling Thunder; otherwise, when holding E  without initiating a combo first, the Tenno will launch into the second strike of Guided Claw, if it is unlocked, and only perform a single attack if it is not. (This may potentially be a bug, as until Guided Claw is unlocked, the Tenno will simply perform only the first melee strike under these conditions.)
  • The final vertical swing of Buzzing Sting and lunging strike of Guided Claw both possess a guaranteed Proc.
  • The third hit of Sparking Torture (immediately following the pause) is a lunging strike with a wide-swinging arc. Like most melee moves with built-in lunge or dash movements, the distance the Tenno covers is directly affected by their Attack Speed.
  • The final strikes of the Sparking Torture combo sweeps the air twice a few meters in front of the wielder, but may miss enemies that are too near to the Tenno.
  • Guided Claw's second attack is a spinning arc which hits enemies around the user; its lunging final thrust possesses innate Punch Through, hitting all enemies in the path of the strike and bypassing physical barriers.
  • The last hit of Buzzing Sting strikes approximately 7m away from the Tenno. Guided Claw's final attack has approximately the same physical reach, but is a straight thrust, rather than a downward swing.


  • Being aware of the Tenno's positioning relative to enemies is key to maximizing the effectiveness of this stance; the majority of Burning Wasp's attacks strike further from the Tenno than most melee stances, and can potentially miss enemies that are too close to the Tenno.
  • Reach mods will extend both the striking surface and length of all whip weapons. (tested 24Nov2016)
    • The default range for whips is 1.5m-7m.
    • With a maxed Reach it becomes 1m-9m
    • With a maxed Primed Reach it becomes 0.5m-13.5m making whips the longest reaching melee weapons (excluding the gunblade's projectiles).
  • It is advisable, when using Sparking Torture's lunge, to aim for open space alongside a group of enemies, to maximize the number of impacted targets and compensate for the final attack's tendency to miss particularly close targets.
  • Guided Claw possesses both a guaranteed status proc and innate Punch Through on its final strike, bypassing all physical cover, including crates, walls, and Blunts. This allows for delivering crowd-control status affects to enemies without waiting for them to expose themselves--or, without exposing the Tenno themself.
  • Guided Claw is most easily performed by holding E  on the first strike, as it supersedes Rolling Thunder.
  • Similarly, Sparking Torture's final strike can also be performed by holding E  after the pause; the Tenno will automatically follow through after the lunge attack.
  • The lunging strike on Guided Claw and final swing of Buzzing Sting can be swept to hit a spread of enemies, either by turning the camera while the whip is extended, or (if Align Attacks to Camera is off in the Options > Controls menu) by rotating the Warframe directly, potentially allowing skilled Tenno to deliver guaranteed procs to multiple targets simultaneously.


  • Two of Burning Wasp's combos, Buzzing Sting and Sparking Torture, bear names that speak to the nature of the two whips that match Burning Wasp's polarity: Lecta's electric shock, and the grinder-like Atterax's use as a torturous execution device, respectively.

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