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A pair of mighty gauntlets, the Ankyros were designed by the Tenno for close quarters combat. What they lack in range they make up for in speed.

The Ankyros are a pair of gauntlets that can deliver blows quickly.

This weapon can be sold for

Credits64‍ 5,000; it is also a material requisito for the Ripkas and the Tekko.

Requisitos de Fabricación
Tiempo: 12 hrs
Acelerar: 35 Platinum64
MarketIcon Mercado Precio: Platinum64 125 Blueprint2 Planos Precio: Credits64 15,000


This weapon deals primarily

Invalid damage.


  • High

Invalid damage – effective against shields.

  • High base attack speed.
  • Slide attack can hit multiple enemies.
  • High critical chance.
  • Stance slot has a

Vazarin Pol polarity, matches Seismic Palm stance.


  • Very short range.


  • Ankyros, compared to Ankyros Prime:
    • Menor base damage (30.0 vs 38.0)
    • Menor status chance (10% vs 15%)
    • Menor attack speed (1.17 vs 1.25)
    • Different Stance Polarity (Vazarin Pol vs Unairu Pol)
    • Different polarities (Ninguna vs Madurai PolMadurai Pol)

Configuraciones para el arma


  • When using these, remember that you must be really close and therefore expect yourself to be vulnerable to staggers, knockdowns and knockbacks.
  • Occasionally, you may find it hard to hit an enemy even if they are directly in front of you. This may be a small mesh problem associated with the weapon's short range.
  • Using Reach can effectively aid in hitting targets from slightly further away.


  • A good combo is to use the jump slide kick (sprint and then jump and crouch) at an enemy, which will knock them over, allowing you to use the ground execute.


  • The Ankyros was released on April 19, 2013 with 7.8.
  • One of the phased skins released during the Steam Winter Sale of 2013 was for the Ankyros. This was the rarest one available, with only 10 known copies crafted.
  • The Ankyros appears to take inspiration from a concept design of the Colossus from Dark Sector, as seen in the picture here.


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