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Amplificador de escopeta es un mod de aura que aumenta el daño dealt with shotguns by 3% per rank, up to 18% at full rank.


Rango Efecto Coste de capacidad
0 +3% -2
1 +6% -3
2 +9% -4
3 +12% -5
4 +15% -6
5 +18% -7

* Aura mods increase the amount of Mod Power


  • For a short time after Actualización 10.6, this mod could have been acquired via Transmutación.[1] This was due to a bug where all mods, including unreleased ones such as this one, became obtainable through transmutation. This has since been fixed, but players who obtained the mod this way were allowed to keep them. It was then made untradable so there was no other way to obtain this mod.
  • As of The Silver Grove update, the damage was reduced from 60% at max rank to 6%.

Historial de actualizacionesEditar

Hotfix: La arboleda plateada 4
  • Fixed new Aura mods being untradable.

Hotfix: La arboleda plateada 3

  • Buffed the Shotgun Amp Aura Mod to feel more comparable to Rifle Amp. It is now 18% at Max Rank.

Hotfix: La arboleda plateada 2

  • Fixed The Silver Grove new Aura rewards missing from the Codex.

Actualización: La arboleda plateada

  • Introduced via The Silver Grove quest.

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