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Abanico acechante es un mod de guardia para guadañas with fast and powerful spinning weapon swings.

Can be equipped on:

✓ denotes weapon with matching Stance polarity


Combo Name Button Combination
Many Tears EEImpact110%E110%2X
Dying Light* EEImpact110%Uparrow +E175%E150%3X
Shadow Wing* EDownarrow +E400%2XE200%E200%
Fading Hope Hold E , Release
Hell's Wave Slide + E
Mountain's Chisel In Air + E
Flaying Home Wall Dash + E
Tunneling Spike Knockdowned Enemy + E1600%
Normal    All Targets   Slam/Ragdoll   Proc
  • PS4:     E  = Combops4circle   RMB  = R2
  • XBOX:  E  = B    RMB  = RTrigger


  • The movement animations of Dying Light and Shadow Wing are directly affected by your current Warframe's movement speed. This is even further increased by sprinting while performing combos.


  • Dying Light can be easily executed by holding Uparrow  and pressing E  repeatedly.
  • Likewise, Shadow Wing can be executed by holding Downarrow  and pressing E  repeatedly, though this will cause the Warframe to backpedal while executing the combo. Alternatively, one can hold Downarrow  until after the second attack for more forward momentum.


  • Although this mod is compatible to most Scythes, the Kama, despite its Japanese namesake as a sickle, is not capable of using this mod. The Kama uses Machete stances instead (Sundering Weave) due to its single-handed wield.
  • The weapon pictured in the card image is the Hate, although it doesn't share a matching polarity.

Warframe como conseguir el mod Abanico Acechante (Stalking Fan)-001:00

Warframe como conseguir el mod Abanico Acechante (Stalking Fan)-0

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